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Welcome to the website of Diamonds Technology s.r.o. company

From the beginning, Diamonds Technology company concentrates on outdoor security systems development and production. After many years of experience in the given area, they decided to establish a company working on production and development of security systems. A development department secures professional processing and production of systems.

We produce a system which is based on receiving shocks from fencing and an assessment of these influences by means of the KeyTech sensory cable. The perimetric system is certified for the army, the police and public sector and its application for classified information is of level 4 issued by NBU (National Security Authority).

Diamond EYE – new generation infra-reflectors with a parabolic optical system, extra safe energy system and extreme beam length. It is manufactured in three different variants.

Currently we are expanding to foreign markets via a distribution network. Our export representatives help us as well as a very good background of the production and development.

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